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Tri-County Small Animal Hospital

Is your pet stressed about having to come to the vet?
At Tri-County Small Animal Hospital we are doing everything we can to make your pet's visit as free of fear as possible with:

  • Calming music in the waiting area and exam rooms
  • Species-specific pheromones in exam rooms that help to reduce anxiety in dogs and cats
  • Lots of treats during visits
  • Pet massage before and after exams
  • Low volume injections and oral vaccines that make the vaccine experience more comfortable
  • Staff and veterinarians that are trained on reading pets' body language during visits and using proper restraint techniques.

We treat your pets the same way we treat our own!
We sit on the floor with them :)

**February Savings**


February is National Pet Dental Month.  To help promote healthy teeth and gums, Tri-County Small Animal Hospital will offer free dental exams and 10% off all dental procedures for the whole month of February.

Why does your pet need a dental exam?

Here’s why:

A dental exam can help identify early signs of dental disease.  Dental disease is caused by a thin film of protein from saliva, food particles, and dead cells forming on your pet’s teeth and gums.  If this layer is left untreated, it will thicken and become a perfect environment for bacteria.  Bacterial buildup leads to gingivitis and infections that can progress to periodontitis.  Periodontitis can contribute to infections in other parts of the body, such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys. 

During your scheduled dental exam your veterinarian will determine what dental treatment is sufficient for your pet’s overall health by thoroughly examining the oral cavity including the teeth and gums. Depending on the severity of dental issues found, the veterinarian could recommend starting at home dental care procedures or an in-office dental cleaning, polishing, and/or extractions. 

Please give us a call at (865) 435-1374 and schedule an appointment for your pet, or email us at  Don’t forget to bring a valid email coupon, Facebook offer, or website coupon to receive your 10% off.

Tri-County Small Animal Hospital
Free Dental Exams and 10% off Dental Procedures

Void if altered, copied, sold, purchased, transferred, exchanged, or where prohibited or restricted by law.  No other coupon may be used with this coupon. Offer expires on 02/28/2017.

Discount ID: DENTALMONTH/2017

When it comes to the proper care of your pet, Tri-County Small Animal Hospital in Oliver Springs can help you.  Dr. Linda Osborne and staff have patients from all over the community that rely on them for all of their pet's needs from routine shots to surgical treatment.  See more services.

Located just north of Oak Ridge Hwy on E. Tri-County Boulevard, we are conveniently located to communities in Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs, Coalfield, Wartburg, Clinton, and Harriman.  We have many patients even come to us from Knoxville.

Tri-County Small Animal Hospital
1054 East Tri-County Blvd.
Oliver Springs, TN 37840
(865) 435-1374
Fax: (865)435-3949
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Tri-County Small Animal Hospital

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Tri-County Small Animal Hospital, P.C.
1054 E. Tri-County Blvd.
Oliver Springs, TN 37840


phone: (865) 435-1374
fax: (865) 435-3949


Mon  7:30a- 5:30p

Tue   8:00a - 6:00p

Wed  8:30a - 5:30p

Thur  8:00a - 5:30p

Fri  8:00a - 6:00p

8:30a - 12:00p

Sunday  Closed


Payment Methods:
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We vow to treat each patient as if it were our own.

Our primary objectives are:

1. Client education
2. Excellence in pet health care
3. Professional appearance
4. Honest, courteous, and enthusiastic work environment