Wellness and Vaccinations

Wellness and Vaccinations

Annual exams are your pet’s first line of defense. Tri-County Small Animal Hospital’s comprehensive annual exams include checking their overall health by taking their temperature, examining skin and coat, lung and cardiac function, internal health, oral hygiene, eyes, ears, and demeanor.

Keeping your canine or feline up to date on vaccinations is a highly effective way to prevent many common diseases and infections like distemper and deadly rabies. Beyond those core vaccines, your pet’s age, lifestyle, and likely exposure to certain diseases will be evaluated before we recommend additional shots.

Recommended Puppy Vaccination Protocol

  • 2-4 weeks: Deworming
  • 6-7 weeks: Exam, intestinal parasite screen, deworming
  • 8-9 weeks: Exam, DHPP vaccine, deworming, start heartworm prevention       
  • 11-12 weeks: Exam, DHLP vaccine #1, deworming, rabies vaccine (if puppy is at least 12 weeks old)             
  • 15-16 weeks: Exam, DHLP vaccine #2, rabies vaccine (if not already done)
  • 19-20 weeks: Exam, DHLP vaccine #3
  • 9-12 months: Heartworm test
  • 1 year: Exam, DHLP vaccine, rabies vaccine, intestinal parasite screen, heartworm test if not done at 9 to 11 months  

Recommended Kitten Vaccination Protocol

  • 2-3 weeks: Deworming
  • 6-7 weeks: Exam, intestinal parasite screen, deworming, SNAP Feline triple test  
  • 9-10 weeks: Exam, FVRCP #1 vaccine, feline leukemia vaccine #1, deworming, start heartworm prevention
  • 12-13 weeks: Exam, FVRCP #2 vaccine, feline leukemia vaccine #2, rabies vaccine (or wait until kitten is 16 to 20 weeks)  
  • 16-20 weeks: Exam, FVRCP #3 vaccine, rabies vaccine (if not done at 12-13 weeks)
  • 1 year: Exam, FVRCP vaccine, rabies, intestinal parasite screen, deworming, feline leukemia vaccine

Adult Canine Core Vaccines – DHLP, rabies

Non-Core Canine Vaccines – bordetella, canine influenza, Lyme vaccination

Additional Canine Testing – heartworm test, intestinal parasite screen

Adult Feline Core Vaccines – FVRCP, rabies                  

Non-Core Feline Vaccines – feline leukemia 

Additional Feline Testing – FeLV/FIV test, heartworm test, intestinal parasite screen