Senior Preventative Care

Senior Preventative Care

At Tri-County Small Animal Hospital, we offer senior pet preventive care packages to identify medical problems as pets age. Catching changes early, before they become serious, often means we can treat and manage conditions appropriately to slow progression of disease, so pets live longer. Think of senior preventive screening as the internal exam that lets us check the health of your pet’s organs and thyroid function. Screening typically requires only one blood and urine sample.

Thanks to improved veterinary care and dietary habits, pets are living longer now than they ever have before. One result of this is that our pets are faced with a whole new set of age-related conditions. By age 7, your pet is considered a senior, 6 if your pet is a large or giant breed. Because pets age faster than people, major health changes can happen quickly.

Our senior wellness plans are the best and most affordable way to see that your senior pet gets the veterinary services he or she needs. Good health starts with good preventative care!

Level 1
Physical exam, complete blood count, blood chemistry, and urinalysis
Now $232.54 (value $333.52)

Level 2
Includes all the level 1 services, plus:
T4 (thyroid hormone level)
Now $282.37 (value $390.03)

Level 3
Includes all the level 2 services, plus:
2 radiographs (x-rays) of the chest, hips, or abdomen
Now $426.51 (value $579.49)

Ready to sign your senior pet up for a preventative care plan? Call us at (865) 435-1374 to get started. Please ask to speak with one of our veterinarians if you are not sure which level your pet needs.