Fleas, ticks, and parasites… oh my!

Fleas, ticks, and parasites… oh my!

Bella’s Blog – February 2020

It is February. So can someone explain this crazy weather?! First it’s sunny and 75, then it’s 20, then it floods, then it snows! What in the world? The humans here at Tri-County Small Animal hospital have been joking, “That’s Tennessee weather for ya!” The drastic changes are rather annoying… I can’t decide if I need to shed or keep my winter coat. One more thing… this abhorrently warm weather is unfortunately good for fleas and ticks. If daytime temperatures are above freezing, ticks are still active! And it takes 10+ days of sustained freeze to kill off some fleas. These back and forth temperatures do not kill those nasty blood-sucking pests! Yeck.

My litter-scoopers apply a dose of prevention every month to make sure I don’t catch anything. As much as I dislike that little tube of wetness, I know it’s just to protect me. Even though I am a posh, inside-dwelling kitty, the chance that I could attract fleas is still there. Fleas and ticks can find their way into your house the same way an ant or lady bug can.

Not only are ticks gross, but they can also carry tick-borne infections that they can pass on to dogs with just one bite. Another thing: did you know that fleas carry tapeworms? So if Bandit eats a flea that’s on his foot, he might catch tapeworms from it. Talk about nasty. The best part? Both of those instances are entirely preventable!

In the great state of Tennessee, all dogs and cats need flea/tick/heartworm prevention all year long. Some humans think us fur babies only need prevention during the summer… and then they wonder why their fluffy ball of cuteness is scratching her neck in mid-February. Help keep your pets happy and healthy all year long! Come see me and my humans at Tri-County Small Animal Hospital, and they can make sure your pets are up to date and protected from mayhem, like fleas and ticks.

Love bites and snuggles,