What’s the deal with grain-free?

What’s the deal with grain-free?

Hello! It is I, Bella, back again with some news for you all. I have overheard some humans have been purchasing “grain-free” foods for their furry companions. I, for one, love my grains, and I would be very upset if my litter-scoopers changed my food without my permission. So, as I stare out my window, I ponder as to why humans are purchasing this “grain-free” kibble?

In recent years, there has been a rise in the belief that people are “gluten sensitive”, and because of that, they eat a grain-free diet. But does that mean that you should feed your dog grain-free food? My mom, Dr. Osborne, says no!

Many other cat-pokers, or “veterinarians” as my mom says, agree that grain-free diets can cause something called dilated cardiomyopathy. I have been told that 93% of furry friends diagnosed with this heart problem are being fed that “grain-free” nonsense by their food givers. Dr. Osborne says that unless directed by a veterinarian, please do not feed your fluffy companions anything labeled “grain-free”.

My mom suggests that you stick to feeding pet food made by a large, well-known company, and that you feed something that is made for the appropriate age range. Make sure to not feed kittens adult cat food. Similarly, make sure you transition your cat, or dog, to adult food as they reach one year of age. Dr. Osborne advises to never switch your pet’s food without consulting with your veterinarian. Additionally, my mom also says anytime you are switching your pet’s food, make sure to transition, by mixing old food with new food, over a few days to help prevent any tummy troubles. If you have any questions about your pet’s food, please call my mom’s office and ask them!

love bites and snuggles,