One Bite Is All It Takes

One Bite Is All It Takes

It’s Bella, your favorite furry influencer here! Today, I want to talk to you about what’s really in your pet’s heart.

It could be worms.

Ewww. It’s enough to turn my deli-cat feline stomach, but we MUST talk about heartworms, especially if you happen to have a canine in the house. (Well, someone has to like them, I guess.)

If you didn’t already know, heartworm is spread by nasty little infected mosquitoes. Dogs are natural hosts for heartworms, which means once they’re inside your pet, they mature and get busy producing lots of little worms. An infected dog with advanced heartworm disease can have several hundred squirmers clogging their heart and lungs.

Again, ewwww.

Luckily, we felines are less likely to get full-on heartworm infections, but we can suffer from heartworm-related respiratory conditions that are hard for the vet to diagnose. It’s also highly inconvenient and speaking for moi-self, I’d be seriously miffed if my person allowed me to get it.

If that wasn’t bad enough, many pets don’t show symptoms until the disease is advanced. While Dr. Osborne tells me that there is treatment for dogs, it can be expensive and very hard on your pet.

But the good news is there’s NO need for any of this pawful stuff, because there is effective heartworm prevention available for both dogs and cats!

The first step is to take advantage of 10% off heartworm testing in May If your pet is not already on heartworm prevention, they’ll need this test first. We have many different types of preventive medications available at Tri-County Small Animal Hospital, and our doctors can help you decide which one is purr-fect for your pet and your budget!

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