Bella’s Tips To Prepare For Summer Travel & Boarding

Bella’s Tips To Prepare For Summer Travel & Boarding

It’s Bella, your number one feline influencer! Today, I’m going to get you and your furry friends ready for travel and boarding. Even MOI needs a vacation from the humans now and again!

As someone in the know, I will let you in on a paw-sitively delightful piece of info: Tri-County boards all pets, including pocket pets. Your littlest friends, to the biggest canine companions, are all welcome.

So what do you need to know before heading on a trip? It’s best if you plan ahead since change can be stressful for us. Here are some things to take into consideration while planning upcoming boarding:

Current Vaccinations

This is no kitten around! See that your pet’s shots—including Bordetella—are up-to-date prior to arrival and that you have a copy of their vaccination record. The humans around here think it’s a good idea to call in ASAP to confirm your pet is up to date before scheduling.

Pack Toys, Blankets & Bedding

When you are away, us animals miss you! To avoid a catastrophe, we recommend bringing some of your buddy’s favorite items to provide reassurance while you’re away. You might even consider bringing a shirt or sock with your scent on it to leave with them. I PURRsonally love to snuggle up in a sweatshirt.

Prescription Diets and Parasite Preventatives

If your pet is on a special or prescription diet, be sure to send enough for the entire length of stay.

Get The Zoomies Out! We all have pent-up energy before a big adventure, like a trip. Be sure to exercise your dog for a minimum of one hour before arrival to help relieve anxiety and keep your canine friend from getting restless.

Ciao & Meow –