Other Services

Other Services

Parasite Control: Fleas and ticks – preventing them in the first place is easier and less expensive than getting rid of them after they’ve infested your pet. Another dangerous parasite is heartworm—and that’s on the rise in our area. We can recommend parasite prevention to suit your pet’s needs and your budget.

Skin Conditions: Allergies in pets often show up as skin problems, such as rashes, hot spots and ear infections. We can diagnose and manage skin issues so your pet feels better and stops the scratching, chewing and licking that’s driving you crazy.

Proper Nutrition: There’s so much confusion about what to feed companion animals. Wet food, dry food, home-cooked, raw—what’s best? Proper nutrition is important to an animal’s good health, and we can help you figure out what is best for your pet’s lifestyle.

Behavioral Evaluation: Changes in mood or behavior can often be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Swiftly addressing these shifts can help to identify and treat the root cause, whether that’s a medical solution or one that involves training.

Microchipping: We encourage all pet owners to microchip their animal companions. The sad fact is that only 17% of dogs and 2% of cats make it back to their owners when they become lost. Microchipping greatly increases the chances that your pet will be returned to you—it’s also affordable and relatively painless.

Senior Animals: We love elder pets! We also know preventative care is even more important for them. Pets age much more rapidly than humans, so diseases and illness progress faster as well.

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