Here’s a New Year’s Resolution Fur You – Never Skip the Exam!

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution Fur You – Never Skip the Exam!

You’ve probably heard saying “every cat has nine lives.” Such sayings are all well and good but I am here to tell you that kitties like me are experts at hiding illness.Contrary to popular opinion, we do not like to complain, which is what makes annual wellness checks so important. It’s at these exams that any possible health problems can be detected before they become more dangerous – and more expensive problems!

The paw-some vets at Tri-County recommend you bring your cat companion in for routine bloodwork and tests that check for anemia, liver disease, hypothyroidism, and kidney problems on a yearly basis. Cat not being his or her usual chipper self? These wellness checks are also the purrfect opportunity to discuss any nutritional and/or behavioral changes you’re seeing in your cat and to take care of annual preventative treatments.

Since I know you human types love lists, here are Four Reasons Your Indoor Cat Needs Wellness Exams in The New Year:

1) Cats are silent sufferers. Like I said earlier, we’re really good at hiding our pain from those who love us most. There are lots of kitty conditions that, if they go unchecked, can really hit you in the pocketbook and might even endanger our lives, includingkidney disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

2) Obesity and dental disease. Does this collar make me look fat? Don’t answer that. Indoor cats like me are especially susceptible to weight gain that an owner may not notice right away. The same goes for painful dental disease, which the American Association of Feline Practitioners reports is the most prevalent health problem in cats under 10. Trust me on this – cavities and gingivitis are no prance in the park. It’s always best to catch both issues early.

3) Yes – your indoor cat can get fleas! This isn’t something I love admitting, but even the most elegant of felines is vulnerable to fleas and other parasites – especially if for some odd reason you keep additional animals in the house. Cockroaches, mice, and flies can carry in parasites as well.

4) Behavior changes. Is your fluffy friend mewing more or going outside the box or even skipping his or her daily bathing session? All of these could be signs that your cat has a more serious health problem. A visit to the vet is definitely called for if your kitty is acting strangely.

So, to sum up, an annual exam is your kitty’s best paw-sible shot at long-term good health. To book one with a hard-working, caring team, give Tri-County a call at (865) 435-1374!